Corporate Finance

    Exchange in Crypto Currency.

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    Corporate Finance

    Investment in Bitcoin system.

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    Betting Games

    in Bitcoin

    Bet on all stades and cash in Bitcoin

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Corporate Financeand Exchange,Investment,Betting Games Crypto Currency.Department of ICORE

Social network of financial assistance based on the collaborative principle of financing. We have a great smart contract that allows you to earn at least 35% of your base investment every week. this 35% commision can increase up to 50% depending on your level in our matrix.

Buy and sell crypto currency at a lower cost. We buy your electronic money at the price of real dollars which allows you to take advantage of changes in your crypto currency. We sell our cryptocurrency at a good price too. In addition we give you the possibility of exchanging your crypto currency into another in an equivalent exchange.


Our Financial team

  • Business Consulting 85%
  • Financial Advising68%
  • Brand Consulting 85%
  • Strategic Consulting95%

Buy, Sell and Exchange Crypto Currencies

  • We give you the possibility to sell your crypto currency in order to have cash money by Money Gram, Western Union and Visa at the real price of Dollars USD.
  • You can also buy cryptocurrency for all your shopping and business at a super affordable price.
  • Exchange your Crypto Currency for another Crypto Currency.

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Bet on all stadiums and without limit

  • Bet on the biggest competitions.
  • Bet and cash your income directly in ethreum.
  • Bet directly while watching the forecasts of our experts.

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Ready for an Investment

Our Finance Plan

For each plan below, you get a high return on investment of 50% in one week. This 50% commision can be raised up to 100% depending on your level in the matrix.


$ 50

With membership fees 5 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 25 new investments possible today


$ 120

With membership fees 12 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 22 new investments possible today


$ 240

With membership fees 24 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 18 new investments possible today


$ 485

With membership fees 49 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 14 new investments possible today


$ 970

With membership fees 97 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 14 new investments possible today


$ 1280

With membership fees 128 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 9 new investments possible today


$ 2560

With membership fees 256 $ for this package

  • Paid in a week.
  • 28 new investments possible today

How to reach us

Let’s Get in Touch

West is not just about investment and exchange crypto currencies; it's more than that. We offer integral communication services, and we're responsible for our process and results of all smart contract build in Africa. We thank each client and their projects.

Our Address

Rivera Palmeraie Cocody, Abidjan, Côte d'ivoire.

Our Email

Main Email : admin@trova.vip, Inquiries : infos@trova.vip